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Sunnybrook Forms and Procedures

Sunnybrook fMRI Procedures and Forms

Prior to beginning an fMRI experiment at the Rotman Research Institute, you will need to complete a MRI Application Form.

fMRI Procedures

As many of you know, we are in the initial stages of developing an imaging database to archive our MRI data. We hope that this will allow for easy tracking of experiments and sharing of data within the Rotman and ultimately as part of the fMRI Data Center in Dartmouth College. Our efforts to reorganize the fMRI database and fMRI data management on our servers require the development of fMRI data procedures to facilitate this transition. Please note that these procedures may change as the database is developed.

The fMRI Procedures Document contains information about:

  • Booking Slots for Sunnybrook Scanner;
  • The New Ibis System at Sunnybrook;
  • Transfer of Data from Sunnybrook to Rotman Institute;
  • Uploading data on Rotman servers;
  • Documenting the Research Study
  • Back up fMRI data.

Standard fMRI Forms

MRI/fMRI Approved Metal Screening Form

The MRI/fMRI Checklist Form is a mandatory screening form to be filled by any person who enter the scanner.

fMRI Scanning Information Form

Due to the new acquisition protocols being used, a new Scanning Information Form - short version (2 structurals & 10 functionals)/Scanning Information Form - long version (7 structurals & 10 functionals) have been developed.