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Group Meetings

Imaging Group Meetings

Our Imaging Group meets weekly to discuss topics of relevance for acquisition, analysis, visualization and interpretation of functional neuro images.  See the Events Calendar for current presentations and topics.

Our meetings are open to all Rotman-associated people who are doing fMRI (at Sunnybrook or elsewhere) or are just interested in it. They include 'Project Previews' (an investigator describes a project that is soon to begin, to keep people informed about what's up and to get feedback about any improvements to design that might come from the group), mini-talks on Results, discussions of hot topics including informational 'How To' sessions, Debriefing after relevant conferences where group members share interesting things they heard about at the meeting, and whatever else helps us to do great fMRI work. Each meeting begins with a brief discussion of any current issues with the scanner, policy changes, and other useful information.

The meetings normally take place at Rotman Research Institute in Conference Room 1050, 10th floor on Friday from 9:30-11:30 a.m.

These meetings are announced by email the day before the meetings take place. To subscribe to the fMRI Imaging email list, send your name and email address to The list is fairly low traffic, and includes fMRI meeting announcements, information relevant to scanning at Sunnybrook (eg scan policy changes, and announcements of time availability), and occasional information relevant to fMRI folks in general.