Research Focus

Our research focuses on  1) improving our understanding of cognitive changes experienced by people who are aging healthfully and those who are at risk of developing dementia, and 2) developing interventions to reduce dementia risk. Some of the specific projects under each theme are…

Understanding Cognitive Changes

  • How does familiarity, that gut sense that you’ve experienced before, change with healthy aging and in people with amnestic mild cognitive impairment?
  • How do healthy aging and amnestic mild cognitive impairment affect our brain’s ability to inhibit irrelevant information at optimal and non-optimal times of day?
  • How does healthy and pathological aging affect intraindividual variability, the ability to “stay on task”?

Interventions to Reduce Dementia Risk

  • The benefits associated with volunteering
  • The effects of cognitive training and engaging leisure activity on cognitive and brain health
  • The effects of exercise and nutrition on cognitive and brain health