Be a Part of a Research Study

Please note that due to COVID-19 some research studies are on hold

Exploration of Decision Making

This study investigating people’s quick decision making. The task for this study involves viewing images of objects and being asked if these object images are real or not real. You may also be asked to complete a number of pen-and-paper tasks regarding your thinking skills. You must be between the ages of 18-30 or 60-85, and must have learned English before the age of 5. If you are interested in taking part in this study, please email Evi Myftaraj at

Memory for Faces Study

In our everyday lives, we encounter numerous people in various settings. Sometimes we can recognize a person we have seen before, such as recognizing an old classmate while you are shopping at the mall. Other times, we feel that we know a person, but we do not know where we’ve seen them before. This study tests these recognition memory processes for faces through a one-hour online computer task. We are looking for participants aged 18-30 or 60-85, who are primarily English speakers. If you are interested, please contact Evi Myftaraj at