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Concerned about your Memory?

Concerned about your Memory? The lab is looking for individuals with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), memory concerns, and healthy adults. Eligibility: Aged 60-85, completed high school, are fluent in English, and have normal or corrected-to-normal vision. The study includes 2 testing sessions, around 3 hours each, where memory and thinking abilities are assessed. Participants will be paid for their time and travel/parking is compensated. People who have had a major head injury, stroke, heart attack in the past, or currently have depression, anxiety, substance abuse, or taking antidepressants/anti-anxiety medication are not eligible for this study. For more information, call (416) 785-2500 ext. 2895 or email:

Can depression affect how and what you hear?

Can depression affect how and what you hear? The lab is looking for older adults to participate in a study looking at how depression influences how we hear speech in background noise. The study consists of one 2-hour testing session, during which participants will listen to words spoken with background noise and be asked to repeat what they hear. The study also includes a hearing assessment, speech-in-noise tasks, and some questionnaires on mood and cognition. Eligibility: age 60+, fluent in English, and individuals must be either A) currently living with depression, B) in remission from depression, or C) have never experienced depression. For more information, please call 416-785-2500 ext. 3078 or email

Complete computer tasks while your brain's activity is monitored using EEG!

Complete computer tasks while your brain’s activity is monitored using EEG! This study takes approximately two and a half to three hours to complete. Participants will be compensated at a rate of $15 per hour and the round-trip TTC fare will also be covered. Are you 18-30 years of age? Learned English before five years old? You may be eligible for our research study! EEG is a non-invasive measure of brain activity using recording electrodes. There are no risks associated with completing this study. If you are interested in this study, please contact Mariam Iskander. Phone: (416) 785 – 2500 ext. 3435 Email:




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