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Computation & Storage

Where can I find information on the computational and storage resources available at Rotman?

A. Rotman staff can log in and visit the Computation & Storage page of the site.

How do I ftp so that someone can download a file from outside the firewall?

A. If you are using WS_FTP95LE and Rotman is not in the drop down list of Profile Names, you need to setup of Rotman as a New Profile
To create a New Profile:
  1. Click on New
  2. Profile Name = Rotman
  3. Host Name = 
  4. Host Type = Unix (standard)
  5. UserID = your email username
  6. password = your email password
  7. check save password if you don't want to have to enter this every time
  8. Click OK
How to transfer the file/files:
This will open WS_FTP LE with two windows - the one on the left are the folders/files on your computer, the one of the right are the folders/files for your webmail.

In the right side window, go to:


Click MkDir at the right of the window and enter a name for the folder (e.g. person's last name).

In the left window go to the folder with the information you would like to transfer.  Click on the file or files (by using the CTRL key to select more than one file) and click on the middle arrow that points to the folder in the right window.

Once completed, send the following link to the person receiving the file:

Connecting via VPN

Where can I find the VPN connection details?

A. All the connection details including the latest password can be accessed by staff members on the Connecting via VPN page.


How do I print to HP2550 (most common laser colour printer in research)

  • When you print a file from the Web, download it first! It is important to save it to your local hard drive before printing!
  • When you print a large* pdf file, print in sections (under 30 MB). Check the size of your file before printing!
When you ignore those guidelines, you clog the printer for all subsequent printing jobs and no other jobs can be processed.
* large as measured in Megabytes, not in pages. A one page rich graphic document could be by an order of magnitude larger than a chapter of plain text.

Transferring Files

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