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Getting Started

Staff members without an account should create one first and request access from the Administrative Assistant on the 8th Floor (Don't forget to send your username). When your name appears on either the Rotman or KLARU staff directory, you have access to hidden areas of the website.

Forgotten Password

If you remember your username but not your password, you can go ahead and reset it, the steps are as follows:

  1. Click on "Reset Password" in upper right corner
    Reset Password
  2. Enter your username and click on "Reset Password"
    Submit Username
  3. Check your email, click on the link that is sent to you
    First Email
  4. Wait for a second email which will contain your random password
    Second Email
  5. Login to the website with your username and this random password
    Log in
  6. Click on "Change Password" in the upper right corner
    Change Password
  7. Enter the random password as your "Old Password"
    New Password
  8. Enter and confirm a new password you can remember that is at least 8 characters and click "Change"
  9. Logout of the website and login with your username and new password
    Log out