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Rotman Research Institute Conference

To view the current Rotman Research Conference website, please click here: http://research.baycrest.org/conference

Baycrest presents: The Inaugural Conference of the Rotman Research Institute and the Kunin-Lunenfeld Applied Research Unit

Queries can be directed to (416) 785-2500 ext. 2363 or e-mail pferreira@baycrest.org


Our conference will, over three days, bring together internationally renowned neuroscientists and clinicians to provide an update of the fields of affective neuroscience and the neurobiological basis of mental health disorders involving mood and affect. The presentations will cover the basic understanding of the brain regions and neural networks critical for emotion regulation and expression through the developmental course from young to old age, as well as current findings in the assessment and treatment of mood and anxiety disorders. Significant advances in the diagnosis and management of neuropsychiatric and mental health disorders will be made with the collaboration of basic and applied scientists to translate knowledge from the neuroscience of emotion to the application of these findings to the clinical setting. This conference will provide a unique opportunity for scientists and clinicians, particularly trainees, to be brought up-to-date in a very short time on this critically important and clinically relevant topic.


At the end of the conference, participants will:

  • Understand current theories and research on the neural mechanisms of emotion regulation.
  • Learn how emotional processing is altered in healthy aging and in neuropsychiatric conditions.
  • Become familiar with current advances in the assessment and treatment of mood and anxiety disorders.


Conference: The Conference will consist of three days of formal presentations by leading researchers in the fields of cognitive and affective neuroscience, neuropsychology, neuroimaging, and affective clinical research.
Questions: A 5-minute Q&A period will take place after each presentation. In addition, questions will be taken during the formal Q&A period ending each session.
Poster Session: Posters will be available for viewing during the refreshment and lunch breaks. There will be a formal Poster Session at the end of the day on Monday, March 28, 2011.
Lunch Breaks: Please note that registrants are expected to make their own arrangements.


Researchers, clinicians, health professionals, fellows, residents and students in the areas of cognitive and affective neuroscience, neuropsychology, psychology who wish to learn current thinking and recent advances in studies of emotion and mood-related disorders.