Version 6.15  	July 06, 2015
	1.	New:  When split-half resampling was enabled,
		the incorrect permutation test was called for the
		overall assessment of significance.  This has been
		fixed.  This bug does not affect permutation tests
		done without split-half resampling.
Version 6.14  	December 9, 2014
	1.	New:  Fixed bug in using the wrong mean-centering
		approach for confidence interval estimate for
		non-rotated PLS scores.
Version 6.1311050  November 5, 2013
	1.	New:  computation change for "Single Condition Task
		PLS". Therefore, please run such analysis again with
		this latest version of PLS applications.
	2.	Fix:  crash when you have more numbers of bootstrap
		than what is limited by numbers of subject.

Version 6.1306040  June 4, 2013
	1.	New:  add "Use segment data" checkbox under Structural
		PLS analysis window. By default, it is selected (i.e.
		assuming that you are using segment data). If you are
		not using segment data, you should deselect it.
	2.	New:  change label by replace ucorr_prob & vcorr_prob
		with p_braincorr & p_designcorr.

Version 6.1305080  May 8, 2013
	1.	New:  plscmd_cluster_report.m is provided to get
		cluster information for command line PLS application
		(i.e. pls_analysis.m under plscmd folder). The result
		is not viewable by GUI application. If you have PLS
		result file from GUI application (i.e. *result.mat),
		you should use GUI, or create_cluster_report.m to
		create cluster report, which can be viewed under GUI,
		or view_cluster_report.m.

Version 6.1305010  May 1, 2013
	1.	Fix:  missing menus are added for multiblock PLS.

Version 6.1304190  April 19, 2013
	1.	New:  ucorr_prob and vcorr_probs from splithalf test
		are displayed in "Design LV and Design scores Plot".
	2.	New:  bootstrap type feature is temporarily disabled.
	3.	Fix:  bug crashs single subject result.
	4.	New:  User Guide for PLS Applications is modified.

Version 6.1304020  April 2, 2013
	1.	Fix:  bug in single condition Mean-Centering PLS.

Version 6.1303150  March 15, 2013
	1.	Fix:  bug in 'session2sessiondata' when run it from
		different folder.

Version 6.1303010  March 1, 2013
	1.	New:  An upgrade of PLS applications has been done on
		29-OCT-2012. For certain reasons, we did not release
		that new version until now. Therefore, I would like
		to repeat some of the whatsnew contents that have 
		been listed under Version 6.1210291 below.
	2.	New:  Since PLS user interface will use Command-Line 
		PLS to run all PLS analysis, folder plsgui and plscmd
		must be kept under the same parent folder, and their
		folder names (i.e. plsgui and plscmd) can not be 
	3.	New:  session.mat / datamat.mat files are now combined
		to a single sessiondata.mat file. To provide seamless
		upgrade, a new program "session2sessiondata.m" is 
		included. You can run this program to convert old 
		session / datamat files to new sessiondata file, 
		either for a single session or for entire folder. For
		more information, please type:
			help session2sessiondata
	4.	New:  Command-Line PLS will take optional argument for
		other parameters like num_permutation etc. For more
		detail, please type:
			help pls_analysis

Version 6.1302280  February 28, 2013
	1.	New:  When some conditions of behavior measures are
		not available in behavior block of Multiblock PLS, the
		brain data of those unavailable conditions will be
		included in permutation loop.
	2.	New:  "nonstrat" boot type is purely experimental,
		do not select it unless you have good reason.

Version 6.1302200  February 20, 2013
	1.	New:  Brain data, not behavior data, is resampled for
		splithalf permutation.
	2.	New:  Non-Rotated PLS is changed back to old way (i.e.
		to use un-normalized salience) for conventional 
		bootstrap in order to avoid bootstrap ratio scaling 

Version 6.1301160  January 16, 2013
	1.	Fix:  Result window for correlation plot crash problem
		for certain skewed data.

Version 6.1301040  January 4, 2013
	1.	New:  The electrode channel layout of MEG CTF-150 is

Version 6.1212310  December 31, 2012
	1.	New:  "non-rotated bootstrap" and "splithalf 
		permutation" is linked, and "non-rotated bootstrap"
		selection is removed.

Version 6.1212060  December 6, 2012
	1.	New:  If Number of Permutation Split is greater than
		0, ucorr_prob_LV & vcorr_prob_LV will be displayed in
		Permuted Singlar Values window.
	2.	Fix:  A bug in new code (never published) to generate
		bootstrap sample for method 3 & 5.

Version 6.1211270  November 27, 2012
	1.	Fix:  Possible inverse zoom problem after Matlab 7.4.

Version 6.1211200  November 20, 2012
	1.	New:  Removed unused fields compare_v, v_se, and 
		zero_v_se from boot_result.

Version 6.1211140  November 14, 2012
	1.	Fix:  Within "parfor-loop", the figure command does
		not work properly. So I have to use command window 
		display, rather than progress bar figure, to show 
		the steps of splithalf permutation.

Version 6.1211130  November 13, 2012
	1.	Fix:  Checked and made sure location inputs for text()
		command are in double; otherwise MATLAB may crash.

Version 6.1211120  November 12, 2012
	1.	New:  If there are session / datamat files in current
		folder, but there is no sessiondata file, it indicates
		that this is probably an old PLS user, who is not aware
		that the session / datamat files need to be combined to
		sessiondata file. New plsgui & batch_plsgui will show
		prompt message, if this user is trying to run analysis
		or edit session profile.
	2.	New:  After PLS detects the availability of parallel 
		setting, now it will further detects whether matlabpool
		is open. Only when matlabpool is open (i.e. the size
		of pool is greater than 0), the "parfor-loop" will be
		selected in splithalf permutation block. Otherwise,
		regular "for-loop" will always be selected.

Version 6.1211010  November 1, 2012
	1.	New:  Program "session2sessiondata.m" can be applied
		on both old session filename or session folder. For
		example: session2sessiondata('.') will convert all 
		the old session / datamat files in the current folder
		to new sessiondata files. Note: old session / datamat
		files will NOT be removed or modified.
	2.	Fix:  Bug in splithalf_perm_par function.

Version 6.1210290  October 29, 2012
	1.	New:  Since PLSgui will use Command-Line PLS to run
		all PLS analysis computations, folder plsgui and
		folder plscmd must be kept under the same parent
	2.	New:  session.mat / datamat.mat files are now combined
		to a single sessiondata.mat file. To provide seamless
		upgrade, a new program "session2sessiondata.m" is 
		included in PLSgui. You can run this program to 
		convert old session / datamat to new sessiondata. For
		more information, please type help session2sessiondata
	3.	New:  Command-Line PLS will take optional argument for
		other parameters like num_permutation etc. Please type
		help pls_analysis for more detail.
	4.	New:  Natasa's features are included, which includes:
		splithalf permutation, nonstrat bootstrap, non-rotated
		bootstrap, non-rotated multiblock PLS, parallel option,
		mean-centering type, correlation mode.
	5.	New:  Command-Line cluster report programs are available
		to create and view cluster report for both old and new
		version of PLSgui result file.

Version 5.1209101  September 10, 2012
	1.	New: Will check percentage of brain region in image
		volume before creating Structural datamat. If the
		mask is larger than 25% of the volume, the program
		will ask user whether to proceed or to stop and check
		brain mask file.

Version 5.1206281  June 28, 2012
	1.	Fix: Disabled false alarm about 64-bit single precision
		between MATLAB version 7.10 and 7.39.

Version 5.1110251  October 25, 2011
	1.	Fix: Structural label feature is now available even
		there is no bootstrap test in result file.

Version 5.1110202  October 20, 2011
	1.	New: If the dimension of raw imaging data is 41x48x35,
		"View 41x48x35 Structural Label" menu is added under 
		"View" menu for fMRI result window; otherwise, if the
		dimension of raw imaging data is not 41x48x35, you
		won't see this menu. When this menu is checked, the 
		label of structural map will be displayed on top of 
		BLV or BSR area.

Version 5.1109191  September 19, 2011
	1.	New: Duration lenth can be entered for "Use HRF" feature
		under "Blocked fMRI" session window. By default, it is
		set to 0, which is for event-related response. For 
		epoch-related response, you need to set the duration.
	2.	New: In Generate Datamat window, now we have HRF1 and
		HRF2. In HRF1, TR will be further divided into smaller
		bin when calculating design matrix, and the default HRF
		is SPM HRF. In HRF2, TR is always the smallest unit when
		calculating design matrix, and the default HRF is GAMMA
		function from AFNI's HRF.
	3.	New: "Degree of Legendre Polynomials for regressors"
		field is added. By default, it is 0, which provides a
		single column of all ones. This is also a feature from
	4.	PLS User Guide is also updated:

Version 5.1105181  May 18, 2011
	1.	Fix: Write permission will be checked before starting
		PLS analysis.

Version 5.1105121  May 12, 2011
	1.	Add in FAQ: When "Use HRF" is selected, the order of 
		slice must be sequential and ascending if you are
		trying to use decimal number in "onsets" field.
	2.	Add in FAQ: Get some value from "*result.mat" in MATLAB
		command window.

Version 5.1105052  May 5, 2011
	1.	Fix: "Run Info" window crash.
	2.	Fix: "HRF over run" window cannot bring to the front.
	3.	Fix: "HRF over run" window display error for skipped scan.
	4.	Fix: Message of "out of bound" scans for HRF fMRI.

Version 5.1105021  May 2, 2011
	1.	"Use HRF" selection box is available in Blocked fMRI
		session profile window. This feature is actually
		designed for Event Related fMRI. Since most of the
		user interfaces are compatible with Blocked fMRI, I
		have to build it on Blocked fMRI platform.
	2.	By default, SPM's HRF model is used. However, you can
		also design your own HRF model by clicking "Customize
		HRF" button. You can either type 1-D vector in the
		"Data:" field, or write your 1-D vector (all numbers)
		in a text file and then load this text file. You can
		also plot the convolved HRF by clicking 
		"Plot Regressors" button.
	3.	When you use HRF feature, there is no more necessary
		to do "Normalize data with ref. scans", since the low
		frequency drift is removed by SPM High Pass filter.
		There is a selection box called "Use SPM ReML" in
		"Create Datamat" window. If this box is selected (by
		default), the voxel outlier over the run will also
		be removed.
	4.	While developing the "Use HRF" feature, I noticed some
		buggy functions, and they have been taken cared in the
		following manner: "Number of scans to be skipped" field
		is moved to the "Edit Runs" window. "Run to be included"
		field is removed. If you want to exclude the run, simply
		open "Edit Runs" window, go to the run that you need to 
		delete, and click Edit->Delete. "Slice to be ignored" 
		field is also removed. We can pre-process the raw image
		to remove those slices.

Version 5.1102241  February 24, 2011
	1.	Use 'round' instead of 'floor' to round the decimal
		in fMRI onset time.

Version 5.1102041  February 4, 2011
	1.	Fixed a bug when loading a quaternion form NIfTI data.

Version 5.1102011  February 1, 2011
	1.	Fixed bugs in "Task PLS Brain Scores with CI" window
		for Multiblock PLS. The analysis will need to be
		re-run in order to see the fix.
	2.	Added a function (dset2img.m) to create a simulated
		4D NIfTI image and a corresponding brain region mask
		from a SUMA's 1D.dset file in order to run PLS.
	3.	Added a function (plsgui2dset.m) to extract BrainLV
		/ BSRatio from PLS result to SUMA's 1D.dset files
		in order to visualize the BrainLV result and BSRatio
		result from SUMA.
	4.	Added a function (fmri2dset.m) to extract fMRI datamat
		to a SUMA's 1D.dset file for special SUMA processing.
	5.	Added a function (dset2fmri.m) to update fMRI datamat
		with the SUMA processed 1D.dset file.

Version 5.1007191  July 19, 2010
	1.	Added "Load from Batch" button in PLS analysis window.

Version 5.1004262  April 26, 2010
	1.	Added "Subject Amplitude for Given Timepoints" item
		under "View" menu of ERP salience plot. This item
		will bring a "Plot Detail" like window, which allows
		you to plot the response of datamat value, and extract
		multiple time points of the datamat value.

Version 5.1003291  March 29, 2010
	1.	Reversed the feature of checking timestamp in the
		result file. Because it brings too many troubles,
		the program will no longer warn you if you forget
		to re-run the PLS after modifying the datamat. It
		will be users' responsibility to re-run the PLS
		whenever a datamat is changed.

Version 5.1003081  March 8, 2010
	1.	Added options for normalizing volume mean when using
		batch file to create datamat.

Version 5.1002191  February 19, 2010
	1.	Fixed a bug of false alarm for duplicated bootstrap

Version 5.0912111  December 11, 2009
	1.	Fixed a bug when reading a volume from 4D Analyze data.

Version 5.0912081  December 8, 2009
	1.	Add data check when using batch to create datamat.

Version 5.0912072  December 7, 2009
	1.	Since MATLAB allows less amount of data to be saved
		by using '-append' switch than without using '-append'
		switch, '-append' switch has been take away when saving
		result files. However, the saving time will be a longer.
		So, the "Save GUI Position" & "Save Display Setting"
		under "Tools" menu of the first window is also taken
	2.	Fixed a scroll bar bug.

Version 5.0912011  December 1, 2009
	1.	Fixed a bug for Brain Score Plot crash when some
		subjects are deselected in Structural PLS.

Version 5.0910261  October 26, 2009
	1.	Thanks to the feedback from Yunjo, and the recursion
		limits is set to 100 for cluster report creating. On
		telesto computer that I tested today, RecursionLimit
		is set to 100 by default for all MATLAB versions 
		lower than MATLAB 7.6 (R2008a), and it is set to 500
		by default for MATLAB 7.6 & 7.8. However, with higher
		recursion limits, 2 or more different clusters are
		combined together unnecessary. This problem is solved
		when RecursionLimit is set to 100 just for PLS.

Version 5.0910111  October 11, 2009
	1.	Fixed a bug in MRI behavior & multiblock PLS.

Version 5.0910022  October 2, 2009
	1.	Value of confidence level that is input by users
		for bootstrap test is now saved in result file
		under boot_result.Clim.
	2.	Fixed several bugs that cause crash when displaying
		result file.

Version 5.0909171  September 17, 2009
	1.	Single subject analysis with different number of
		onsets among conditions can also be analyzed.

Version 5.0908261  August 26, 2009
	1.	Added "Task PLS Brain Scores with CI" feature for
		Multiblock PLS analysis and its result window.
		Like the one in Mean-Centering & Non-Rotate PLS,
		you must run bootstrap test in order to get this

Version 5.0908231  August 23, 2009
	1.	Fixed a progress bar bug, which cause crash.

Version 5.0908141  August 14, 2009
	1.	Fixed a bug in using "RandStream" function, which
		cause crash.

Version 5.0908041  August 4, 2009
	1.	Fixed a bug in selecting Cluster Report Options,
		which does not allow any selection in some cases.

Version 5.0907231  July 23, 2009
	1.	Using "RandStream" instead of "rand('state')" to
		control the state of MATLAB random functions in
		MATLAB 7.8 (R2009a) and above.

Version 5.0907221  July 22, 2009
	1.	Voxel with NAN value will be marked as non-brain

Version 5.0907171  July 17, 2009
	1.	Fixed ERP plot detail window crash problem for
		new version of MATLAB.

Version 5.0907162  July 16, 2009
	1.	Added file format field in ERP session window, so
		some data like ANT, NeuroScan, can be properly

Version 5.0907141  July 14, 2009
	1.	Fixed a bug to select a file name in subject select

Version 5.0907131  July 13, 2009
	1.	If you are using MATLAB 7.4 (R2007a) and above, the
		warning message for MATLAB Bug Report ID 268001
		regarding to the single precision computation on
		64-bit Intel based system is now removed.

Version 5.0906092  June 9, 2009
	1.	Program "flip_plsgui.m" is created and only served
		as a remedy for those who missed orientation check
		during datamat creation. Before a datamat is created,
		please always remember to use the existing "Check 
		Image Orientation" button in "Create Datamat" window
		of "plsgui" program to do the flipping. If you are 
		using "batch_plsgui" program, you can flip raw images
		using "flip_lr.m" program. This program is in the same
		folder as "batch_plsgui" and "plsgui" program. By the
		way, "flip_lr.m" will save image in NIfTI format.

Version 5.0905112  May 11, 2009
	1.	Added a new feature under "Tool" menu of ERP display
		window to export the plotted wave data and the time
		information inside the window that is clicked.
	2.	Fixed a bug in displaying Condition Average and
		Condition Difference for ERP module.

Version 5.0904241  April 24, 2009
	1.	For Task PLS bootstrap test, variable 'b_scores2'
		(or 'brainscores2') is saved under 'boot_result'
		structure. This Brain Score 2 here is created with
		mean-centered datamat, which is used in the "Task
		PLS Brain (or Scalp) Scores with CI" feature.
	2.	Command line program "batch_alter_fmri_onset.m" is
		created to alter the onset values in type one batch
		script for creating fMRI session/datamat files.

Version 5.0903041  March 4, 2009
	1.	When you display result file, missing datamat or
		session file will now be prompted.

Version 5.0902131  February 13, 2009
	1.	Data exported from Voxel Intensity Plot window now
		contains 'data_mean' variable, which stands for the
		the mean values numbers that are displayed in the
		Voxel Intensity Plot window.

Version 5.0901211  January 21, 2009
	1.	Fixed a bug in "Datamat Correlations Plot" window
		to display result without bootstrap.

Version 5.0901071  January 7, 2009
	1.	Add "Multiple Corrs Extraction" in PET Behavior
		result window to extract multiple correlation

Version 5.0811121  November 12, 2008
	1.	Fixed the problem of "Datamat Correlations Plot"
		crash on new version of MATLAB.
	2.	Fixed "Datamat Correlations Response" data export
		error for PET & Structural modules when 2 groups
		of datamat have different masks.

Version 5.0810231  October 23, 2008
	1.	Fixed problem to list a single file in old MATLAB.

Version 5.0809051  September 5, 2008
	1.	Keyword "intel_system" can be added into PLS analysis
		batch text file. By default, it is set to 1. If you
		are sure that you are using 64-bit non-Intel system
		with Matlab 7 and above, you can set it to 0 to allow
		single precision math computation.

Version 5.0808261  August 26, 2008
	1.	Fixed a bug when condition(s) are removed from MRI
		session file. Those modified session file will make
		PLS analysis crash. In that case, you can apply a
		patch to those session file before re-run analysis.
		Here is an example of how to apply the patch: 
		   or   mri_session_patch('b_fMRIsession.mat');
	2.	Absolute value is used for elements inside function
		of square root to prevent complex number.
	3.	When clicking "Save Current Display" in File menu of
		the result display window, the colormap is now saved
		to a MATLAB file that is ended with "_cmap.mat".
	4.	"reslice_nii.m" is provided to preprocess the NIfTI
		format image file that containing non-orthogonal or
		oblique affine transform.

Version 5.0807231  July 23, 2008
	1.	Changed "Reference Scan Onset" label under MRI "Edit
		Condition" window to "Relative Ref. Scan Onset" to
		prevent users from using absolute scan onset.
	2.	Updated PLS User Guide with the changes.

Version 5.0807161  July 16, 2008
	1.	Added "Single reference scan" feature in creating
		MRI datamat window.
	2.	Added "Peak threshold" feature in Cluster report
		options window.

Version 5.0807091  July 9, 2008
	1.	Modified both computation and display routine of the
		"Brain (or Scalp) Scores Plot for Task PLS" feature,
		and renamed it to "Task PLS Brain (or Scalp) Scores
		with CI". The menu item only available for Mean-
		Centering PLS and Non-Rotated Task PLS with more
		than one bootstrap tests.
	2.	Since the computation is changed, you will be prompted
		to re-run PLS with this modified program.

Version 5.0806111  June 11, 2008
	1.	Fixed a bug in non-rotated PLS.

Version 5.0806031  June 3, 2008
	1.	Added Non-Rotated Behav PLS analysis feature for all the
		modules of PLSgui and PLScmd.
	2.	Added "Brain (or Scalp) Scores Plot for Task PLS" for all
		the modules of PLSgui. If there are Bootstrap test loops,
		the distribution of usc (Brain or Scalp Scores) are also
		computed for both PLSgui and PLScmd.
	3.	Like other modules in PLSgui, now ERP module also splits
		its Threshold field in BootStrap Option wildow into two
		field - Pos.Thresh and Neg.Thresh.
	4.	Removed "Using Helmert Matrix" menu selection from the
		contrast window.
	5.	Created last good files folder that can be accessed from:
		or /b/jimmy/plsgui/lastgood & /b/jimmy/plscmd/lastgood
		on Rotman cluster servers.

Version 5.0804282  April 28, 2008
	1.	More changes in generating cluster report. First, undo
		the change I did on April 25, 2008. Actually, there is
		no skipped clusters. According to the comments of the
		original author of this cluster report program, when a
		cluster found later can be joined to the cluster found
		earlier, they should be combined together. According to
		the comments, the reason that the program can not find
		all active voxels in the earlier cluster at once is due
		to the recursion limit of MATLAB. Second, there is a
		bug in the original cluster report program, which lost
		some found active voxels in the clusters (because of
		the combination). Now this problem has been fixed. I
		still have to let you know that due to the recursion
		limit, you may not be able to find all active voxels
		in a cluster, or one cluster is divided to several
		clusters, etc. I have updated PLS User's Guide and
		FAQ, which will provide you more details.

Version 5.0804251  April 25, 2008
	1.	Fixed a bug in generating cluster report, which skipped
		some clusters.

Version 5.0803181  March 18, 2008
	1.	Cluster with minimum cluster size in "Set Cluster
		Report Options" window is included. i.e. If "Minimum
		cluster size" is equal to 5, a cluster with 5 voxels
		is now counted.

Version 5.0802271  February 27, 2008
	1.	Fixed a bug that causes crash when changing to other
		view from Axial view in fMRI Bootstrap Ratio window.

Version 5.0802221  February 22, 2008
	1.	Implemented the workaround for "persistent" variable
		that is provided by Matlab Tech Support, which can 
		prevent from using global variable as a replacement
		for MATLAB 7.2.

Version 5.0802011  February 1, 2008
	1.	Instead of throwing an error for a very oblique image,
		now only a warning message will be displayed.

Version 5.0801211  January 21, 2008
	1.	When the "Filter" of simplified UIGETFILE/UIPUTFILE
		is not using wildcard (* or ?), its "File Name"
		field is now filled.

Version 5.0801031  January 3, 2008
	1.	Added "EGI128_v2" electrode system for ERP module.

Version 5.0712061  December 6, 2007
	1.	Last change for creating MRI datamat with onset
		marked -1 still having problem with certain data.
		It is now fixed.

Version 5.0711221  November 22, 2007
	1.	Modified simplified version of UIGETFILE/UIPUTFILE
		so it will now take directory name from the input
		filter pattern and the File Name field.

Version 5.0711211  November 21, 2007
	1.	Filter in simplified version of UIGETFILE/UIPUTFILE
		is now working on new version of MATLAB.

Version 5.0711203  November 20, 2007
	1.	Fixed a problem to load datamat file for analysis
		in the simplified version of UIGETFILE/UIPUTFILE
	2.	Made simplified version of UIGETFILE/UIPUTFILE work
		on directory and filter.

Version 5.0711161  November 16, 2007
	1.	Modified Threshold field on the Result display
		window of PET, Structure & MRI module. Now two
		different thresholds (Pos / Neg Thresh) are set
		up, and it is only for the situation where the
		distribution of data is extremely biased.

		Therefore, it is still suggested to use symmetric
		threshold, and it is not recommended to modify the
		threshold arbitrarily, unless you know what you are

Version 5.0711132  November 13, 2007
	1.	Fixed a bug when displaying Structural PLS data in a
		different path.

Version 5.0711121  November 12, 2007
	1.	Fixed the bug when creating MRI datamat with certain
		onset marked -1. For those existing (already created)
		datamats, a patch needs to be applied before re-run
		analysis. Here is an example of how to apply patch: 

		   or   mri_datamat_patch('b_fMRIdatamat.mat');

		To create a new MRI datamat, you don't need patch.

Version 5.0711061  November 6, 2007
	1.	Fixed a bug in task PLS analysis with single subject

Version 5.0711051  November 5, 2007
	1.	MATLAB changed their UIGETFILE & UIPUTFILE, which
		causes some of the old scripts no longer to be able
		to run on some platform with new version of MATLAB 
		(version 7 and above). Therefore, I have to built
		a simplified vesion to workaround this issue.

Version 5.0710161  October 16, 2007
	1.	Fixed a bug when using Matlab Version 7.4.0 to
		build Structural module session file.

Version 5.0710091  October 9, 2007
	1.	Bootstrap input dialog box in plscmd is replaced
		by input text string as requested.

Version 5.0709121  September 12, 2007
	1.	Fixed a bug to create datamat for single slice
		Structural MRI data.

Version 5.0705021  May 8, 2007
	1.	Command-line PLS help information is included in the
		Appendix of PLS User's Guide.

Version 5.0705021  May 2, 2007
	1.	Modified "load_ant.m" based on the changed .avr file
		information provided by ANT staff. So now PLS can
		load ANT's average binary data format again. Please
		see detail in:

Version 5.0704241  April 24, 2007
	1.	A rounding issue in the code caused multiple voxel
		extraction routine to fail in some situations. This
		problem is fixed now.

Version 5.0704231  April 23, 2007
	1.	Stop supporting ANT average binary data format.
	2.	Start supporting users' own scalp electrode system.
	3.	Updated

Version 5.0704201  April 20, 2007
	1.	Fixed the display of CTF150 location for ERP module.
	2.	Jordan Poppenk found that the voxel value can be
		negative, if a brain mask is used. So the previous
		restriction is remvoed from FAQ file.
	3.	"load_nii" will automatically load SPM affine matrix
		M in .mat file, if it detects that the file name is
		the same as the Analyze file.

Version 5.0704091  April 9, 2007
	1.	Modified normalize.m and add load_acq.m.

Version 5.0703272  March 27, 2007
	1.	Fixed a bug for the wrong scaling dispay in the
		Subject and Average Amplitude window in the ERP
		module, which was introduced from on March 9
		from version 5.0703091.

Version 5.0703221  March 22, 2007
	1.	Fixed a bug in saving data to a text file.

Version 5.0703191  March 19, 2007
	1.	Fixed a bug in exporting cluster report all location.

Version 5.0703151  March 15, 2007
	1.	Fixed a bug in bootstrap test for Multiblock PLS.

Version 5.0703091  March 9, 2007
	1.	The display of "Design LV and Design Scores" window
		in other module follows the way that is already in
		place for E.R.fMRI. i.e. all the groups will display
		together in the same window.
	2.	The subject name in all MRI module is now using the
		datamat prefix name defined in its session file.
	3.	"Scale by Singular Value" button is added in all
		result display window. It is the same button called
		"Rescale" previously only for PET and Structural.
	4.	The "Voxel Intensity Response" window will get the
		same axis for all the groups. However, if you first
		click a new group that exceeds the min/max of currnet
		value, the axis will still adjust to the new min/max.
		If you click back, the axis will stay unchanged.
	5.	Added a "Create Batch File" button in the "Run PLS
		Analysis" window. So people can using this created
		plain text file (batch file) to feed "batch_plsgui"
		program. We may also do some test with an external
		program that is compiled in C language, and it will
		also use the same batch text file to read MATLAB
		files (Session / Datamat file) and write a MATLAB
		file (Result file). but it is not available yet.
	6.	Updated PLS User's Guide.

Version 5.0703011  March 1, 2007
	1.	Prompt user to delete some subjects in Structural
		session information window when there is too much
		data to process.

Version 5.0702261  February 26, 2007
	1.	Mofified User's Guide.
	2.	Fixed false warning when there is no match subject files.

Version 5.0702221  February 22, 2007
	1.	Used different way to check low variability of behavior
		data for bootstrap test.

Version 5.0702212  February 21, 2007
	1.	"num_LowVariability_behav_boots" field is added to the
		"boot_result" struct for the bootstrap test containing
		behavior data. In the case that behavior data does not 
		have enough variance the following warning message will
		also be displayed in the command window: "For at least
		one behavior measure, the minimum unique values of
		resampled behavdata doesnot exceed 50% of its total".
	2.	Fixed display problem for the plot with special character
		in subject name or condition name. The program now can
		accept special character (e.g. underscore "_").
	3.	Removed "Merge Conditions" button for Structural PLS.

Version 5.0702161  February 16, 2007
	1.	Fixed a bug in bootstrap test in handling bad behavior
	2.	MATLAB 7 has a little difference in handling "uiputfile"
		in that it will include the wildcard string PLS program
		provided. This problem has been solved.
	3.	Made a workaround for single condition Mean-Centering PLS.
	4.	Structural MRI module is implemented.

Version 5.0702061  February 6, 2007
	1.	Fixed a bug in permutation test of Non-Rotated PLS for
		MRI modules.
	2.	Fixed a dialog box error message asking about default
	3.	In datamat correlation window for behavior PLS result,
		the "Save ... to IMG file" will now apply the bootstrap
		mask that filters out the unreliable voxels.

Version 5.0701151  January 15, 2007
	1.	Fixed a bug in detecting group contrast rank deficiency.

Version 5.0701101  January 10, 2007
	1.	When exporting all locations of cluster report, values
		(BrainLV or BSRatio) for the corresponding voxels are
		also exported into "*_MODULEcluster_num.txt". The first
		column of this file is still Cluster ID#; the second
		column of this file is now the corresponding BrainLV
		or BSRatio value; the last 3 columns are still XYZ

Version 5.0701032  January 3, 2007
	1.	Integrated single precision math operation feature of
		MATLAB 7 (R14) above into the PET & MRI modules of the
		program. If MATLAB is running on 64-bit system, a dialog
		box will be popped out to ask user for the system's 
		processor. If the answer is "Don't know" or "Intel 
		processor", double precision will be used according to 
		MATLAB Bug Report ID 268001. (If you are using RRI Linux
		cluster, "telesto" is the only 64-bit system that has
		non-Intel processor, which supports single precision math
	2.	Removed unnecessary rounding (ceil) for the bootstrap
		test of behavior PLS analysis, which caused inaccuracy
		when number of bootstrap is small. "zero_brain_se" is
		also added in "boot_result", which represents the index
		of those brain_se with zero standard error.

Version 5.0612081  December 8, 2006
	1.	Neuroscan version 4.3 also has 32-bit acquisition
		for its continuous data files. By default, it collects
		16-bit integer data with the original SynAmp (SynAmp1).
		With SynAmp2, it will collect 32-bit integer data. 
		According to Neuroscan tech support, "this file format 
		must be determined prior to reading the file, i.e. there
		is no flag within the file itself to identify a file as 
		32-bit". In order to read 32-bit data format, optional 
		input "fileformat" of "load_neuroscan.m" function must
		be specified to 'cnt32'. For example, you can load data
		using: ns = load_neuroscan('myfile.cnt', 'cnt32'); Type
		"help load_neuroscan" for the usage of "fileformat".
		Because now the continuous data file can be very large,
		you can specify cnt_start_time and cnt_end_time. Their
		units are "second". For example, if you only want to
		extract data from 0 second to 1.998 second, you can type:
		ns = load_neuroscan('myfile.cnt', 'cnt', '', 0, 1.998);
		The actual rounded start_time and end_time will be 
		displayed in ns.start_time and ns.end_time.

Version 5.0612051  December 5, 2006
	1.	Added "behavior_name" field for the "analysis batch
		file" processing program. Demo "analysis batch file"
		are: batch_pet_analysis.txt, batch_erp_analysis.txt,
		batch_bfm_analysis.txt, and batch_fmri_analysis.txt.

Version 5.0611021  November 2, 2006
	1.	Fixed a bug when brain mask only contains 1 slice.

Version 5.0609251  September 25, 2006
	1.	Both EGI 128-Channel and EGI 256-Channel are provided
		along with BESA and CTF-150.
	2.	Script "erp_single_folder" is included in PLS for
		a special reason, and we do not recommand normal user
		to use this script.
	3.	Added "mat_into_hdr.m" script to convert SPM ANALYZE
		Reoriented image file into NIfTI format and integrate
		its matlab file into its header file.

Version 5.0609151  September 15, 2006
	1.	We decided to use XYZmm, voxel location with unit 
		in millimeter, for the entries of Multiple Voxel 
		Extraction" voxel location text file. In earlier
		version, we were using XYZ, absolute voxel location,
		for the entries of voxel location file. In order
		to convert your absolute voxel location file to 
		voxel location with unit in millimeter, we provided
		a handy script called "xyz2xyzmm.m".
	2.	Both "Peak Locations" and "All Locations" that are
		exported from "File" menu in "Cluster Report" window
		are also changed to voxel location with unit in 
		millimeter. This way, people perform "Seed PLS" do not
		have to to any extra conversion.
	3.	"Posthoc Data" button in "PLS Analysis" window is
		now removed.
	4.	Since new BESA file can have more than 1 header lines,
		ERP code is modified to accommodate this change. That
		means, ERP module can load BESA file with no header,
		or with any amount of headerlines, as well as binary
		files like NeuroScan, ANT, or EGI.

Version 4.0609071  September 7, 2006
	1.	A bug was introduced during last change (Version
		4.0608291), in which the neighborhood voxels were
		not exported without averaging together. Since last
		change only applied on MRI "Multiple Voxel Extraction",
		only MRI module was affected. It is now fixed.
	2.	In Matlab 2006a, the bootstrap test sometimes giving
		you a feeling of "frozen". This is caused by the 
		bootstrap progress bar sometimes conflict with the 
		permutation progress bar. I have also fixed this.

Version 4.0608291  August 29, 2006
	1.	Modified "Multiple Voxel Extraction" part of the
		program for MRI module, so it will consume less 
		memory. The result remains the same as the earlier

Version 4.0608111  August 11, 2006
	1.	The message of "Duplicate bootstrap order" was not
		popped out, and it is now fixed.

Version 4.0608091  August 9, 2006
	1.	When exporting all locations of cluster report, a new
		file that is named "*_MODULEcluster_num.txt" will be
		created at the same time as "*_MODULEcluster_all.txt"
		file. In this new file, a column with cluster # is added
		in front of XYZ locations to indicate which cluster each
		exported voxel belongs to.

Version 4.0608021  August 2, 2006
	1.	Provided a workaround for "persistent" variable issue
		in Matlab R2006a (a Matlab bug).

Version 4.0607111  July 11, 2006
	1.	Fixed a bug when moving existing session file while the
		sub-folders also needs to be changed.

Version 4.0606231  June 23, 2006
	1.	"expand_nii_scan.m" is modified so the expanded image
		volume scan files will be appended with a 4-digit 
		number starting from 0000.

Version 4.0606201  June 20, 2006
	1.	The original display routine assumed the result data
		have both positive and negative values, and it crashed
		otherwise. Now the problem is fixed, and it can display
		all positive (or all negative) data.

Version 4.0606091  June 9, 2006
	1.	Cluster sizes were over counted during combination. It
		is fixed now.

Version 4.0606061  June 6, 2006
	1.	Program "m2hdr.m" is created to integrate affine matrix
		generated from old SPM into NIfTI *.hdr file.  
	2.	There was a bug in converting some permuted images to
		RAS orientation. It has been fixed now.

Version 4.0606011  June 1, 2006
	1.	There is a bug (crash) in fMRI non-rotate, if just
		doing bootstrap test. It is fixed.

Version 4.0605261  May 26, 2006
	1.	Modified cluster report "Export All Location" menu,
		and now the voxel is in the order of clusters. If you
		have two clusters, one with 30 voxels, and the other 
		one with 20 voxels, the first 30 lines correspond to
		cluster one and the second one correspond to cluster
		two. If you have saved "*cluster.mat" from previous
		version, you have to re-generate it before exporting
		all locations.

Version 4.0605111  May 11, 2006
	1.	When clicking "Save Current Display to IMG file", or 
		"Save BLV/BSR result to IMG file" under "File" menu,
		those img/hdr files can be saved in a directory that
		is different from result file directory.

Version 4.0604261  April 26, 2006
	1.	When editing existing fMRI session file, existing
		conditions were protected to prevent being modified.
		Now, the protection is removed.

Version 4.0604201  April 20, 2006
	1.	Size of some image data is incorrectly larger than 
		what specified in "hdr.dime.dim" field. So it caused 
		problem to load image data. Image data is now always
		loaded according to the size that is specified in 
		its header.
	2.	When editing existing fMRI session file, the "DELETE"
		buttons in "Edit Condition" window is now enabled.

Version 4.0603211  March 21, 2006
	1.	Tools for NIFTI image now supports both COMPLEX64 and
		COMPLEX128 data type.

Version 4.0603192  March 19, 2006
	1.	"UserGuide.htm" file is included in the package to
		replace the old out-of-dated "*_hlp.txt" files. The
		entire PLS User's Guide is still under processing.

Version 4.0603062  March 6, 2006
	1.	Modified "Export Data" for fMRI "Response Function Plot"
		and "Temporal Brain Scores Plot". The "st_evt_list" in
		the exported file is always sorted as condition-within-
		subjects, so as the "data" variable.
	2.	Added "data_mean" variable to the above exported MATLAB
		data file. Rows of "data_mean" stand for conditions, and
		subjects for each condition are averaged together.

Version 4.0602241  February 24, 2006
	1.	When loading some NIFTI data, there is an ordering 
		problem in "hdr.dime.pixdim" and "hdr.hist.originator"
		fields. It is now fixed.

Version 4.0602231  February 23, 2006
	1.	Modified NIFTI package to tell if the loaded NIFTI data
		is converted to RAS system. (see detail in FAQ.txt)

Version 4.0602072  February 7, 2006
	1.	Removed unused "Group Analysis" check box from E.R.fMRI
		and Blocked fMRI analysis window.
	2.	Made fields in PET and ERP session window look even,
		because behavior data fields were removed from session
		window on version 4.0512201.
	3.	Moved "Load Behavior Data" to a button in PLS option
		frame, which looks better.

Version 4.0601271  January 27, 2006
	1.	"Load Onsets from a text file for this run" and "Save
		Onsets to a text file for this run" submenu is added
		under "Edit" menu in both E.R fMRI & Blocked fMRI "Run
		Information" window.
	2.	When "DONE" button in above window is clicked, "Data
		Directory", and "Data Files" for all the runs will be
		checked, to make sure they are all filled.
	3.	Check session information further before creating MRI
	4.	When adding more subjects for PET and ERP module, the
		program will not always start from the working directory.
		Instead, it will remember parent directory of the first 
		subject, and start to look for more subject directories
		from there.

Version 4.0601251  January 25, 2006
	1.	Change "Save Background Image" label in result window
		to "Save brain region to IMG file".
	2.	When display activation map, changed inaccurate display
		of lower / upper_interval from ".../(num_color-2)" to 
		".../(num_color-1)", which is more accurate. However, 
		user will not notice the change, and won't be affected.
	3.	Fixed a bug in checking bad behavior data.

Version 4.0601061  January 6, 2006
	1.	Fixed a bug when read some ERP text data.

Version 4.0601041  January 4, 2006
	1.	Correlation Matrix is checked before decomposed. This
		is only for people using PLS to analyse Structural 
		data, where number of data points (ROI) can sometimes
		be very small.
	2.	Modified Seed PLS procedure "SeedPLS.txt".

Version 4.0512201  December 20, 2005
	1.	Removed behavior input field from "Session Window", 
		because it is more convenient to input behavior data
		at "modify behavior data" menu under "Deselect" menu
		in "Run Analysis Window".
	2.	In E.R.fMRI and Blocked fMRI, "Merge Data" option is
		now moved to the session window.
	3.	If "Within Each Run" is chosen for merging data, same
		condition name in different runs will be treated as
		different conditions. e.g. Run1Cond1, Run2Cond1, etc.
	4.	All existing session file, datamat file, and result 
		file can still be used. However, in order to obtain
		accurate result, any datamat that was created under
		"Within Each Run" choice should be re-created. In 
		addition, all datamats that are used in an analysis
		should have same number of runs, as well as same
		number (and name) of conditions.
	5.	For "Multiple Voxel Extraction" input, the program
		is now also checking XYZ with head dimension, as
		well as checking XYZ with brain area.

Version 4.0511252  November 25, 2005
	1.	Removed "Change Current Working Directory" menu in 
		the start window, since the current directory is now
		changed according to the session file, datamat file,
		or result file you selected.

Version 4.0511211  November 21, 2005
	1.	Random number generator is now seeded before call.
	2.	Fixed a bug to create MRI single subject datamat with
		any scans skipped.
	3.	Added menu bar to the NIFTI/Analyze embeddable viewer
		"view_nii". So this independent package can also have
		features like "orient", "image information" etc.

Version 4.0511161  November 16, 2005
	1.	"PLSgui in batch", an alternative way to run PLS,
		is now available. As is explained by its name, 
		"PLSgui" is a Matlab program with a graphic user 
		interface (GUI) driven by messages from mouse and 
		keyboard. "PLSgui in batch" load messages from a 
		batch file, and automatically send them to the
		program in batch. Now, you can fire batchs at the
		end of a day, and the computer will create all 
		datamats one by one and run all analysis for you.
		When you come back next day, the PLS result file(s)
		is ready for you to display.   ( Notes: You MUST
		read all the contents in the "batch_plsgui_hlp.txt"
		file carefully before using this batch feature.
		Otherwise, you will more likely get either error
		messages or wrong data. )

Version 4.0511071  November 7, 2005
	1.	Images whose cardinal planes are slightly off 
		Cartesian coordinates will also be loaded. However, 
		this approximation is based on the following 
		assumption: In affine matrix, any value (absolute) 
		below a tenth of the third largest value (absolute) 
		can be ignored and replaced with 0. In this case, 
		fields 'old_affine' & 'new_affine' will be added 
		into hdr.hist. If you can not accept the above 
		assumption, simply discard any nii structure with
		fields 'old_affine' & 'new_affine'.

Version 4.0510211  October 21, 2005
	1.	ANT's average data (binary) and EGI's simple-binary
		data can now be directly loaded for ERP module.

Version 4.0510072  October 7, 2005
	1.	Like ASCII files without header or with 1 line text 
		header, NeuroScan average data (binary) can now be 
		directly used as subject files to create datamat for
		ERP module.

Version 4.0509271  September 27, 2005
	1.	Added neighbors' XYZ location to the _rf_plot file.

Version 4.0509261  September 26, 2005
	1.	Output standard deviation and "Number of neighbors" to
		the _rf_plot file.
	2.	Display "Number of neighbors" in the RF window.

Version 4.0509221  September 22, 2005
	1.	Added a new feature in "Voxel Intensity Response Plot"
		(for PET, Blocked fMRI), and "Response Function Plot"
		(for E.R.fMRI). Now, people can use average intensity
		of its neighborhood voxels for intensity of the clicked 
		voxel. Neighborhood size is 0 by default (no neighborhood
		voxel is included). If it is not 0, it represents the 
		number of voxels from the clicked voxel. if neighborhood
		voxel is included, the average intensity will include
		those voxels: A) The clicked voxel; B) The "stabled" 
		voxels that meet the bootstrap threshold criteria, if 
		bootstrap result is available; C) The cluster mask of 
		the current view. (Cluster mask of BrainLV View is 
		different from that of Bootstrap View).
	2.	Above feature also applied to "Multiple Voxel Extraction"
		for "Seed PLS". "Voxel Neighborhood Size" dialog box will
		be prompted, and it is also 0 by default.
	3.	Added warning message for users who would like to change
		the default normalization checkbox status.

Version 4.0509151  September 15, 2005
	1.	PLS is now support NIFTI data format. This includes
		file extension support for both single file (.nii) and
		dual file (.img/.hdr); temporal dimension support (4th
		dimension in the data); and data value scaling support
		(Y = scl_slope * X + scl_inter). It also support some
		of the sform or qform affine transform. This includes
		any scaling (to get voxel_size), any translation (to get
		originator), any flipping, and a few Rotation (only N*90
		degrees, where N must be integer).

Version 3.0509131  September 13, 2005
	1.	Fixed bugs for the bootstrap of Multiblock PLS.

Version 3.0509121  September 12, 2005
	1.	Add messages to behavior data dismatch dialog box in
		"modify behavior data menu" in "Run PLS" window.

Version 3.0509091  September 9, 2005
	1.	Fixed bootstrap computation for multi-groups.

Version 3.0509081  September 8, 2005
	1.	Fixed display problem for single LV result.
	2.	Fixed correlation computation for multiblock PLS.

Version 3.0508051  August 5, 2005
	1.	Modified "create datamat" routine and single precision
		is used in most steps except calculation.

Version 3.0508021  August 2, 2005
	1.	Modified timestamp check for "run MRI analysis"
		window. Now, user can click "Ignore all" to 
		disregard the fact that "one or more datamat files
		are older than their session files", or click
		"Stop" to re-generate datamat.
	2.	Modified timestamp check for "plot result" window
		for all modules. Now, user can click "Proceed all"
		to disregard the fact that "one or more datamat files
		are newer than their timestamp stored in the result 
		file", and update all timestamp information in result
		file. User can still click "Stop" to re-generate
		result file.
	3.	Fixed a bug in creating ERP datamat, which was
		introduced in on July 28, 2005.

Version 3.0507281  July 28, 2005
	1.	For Multiblock PLS analysis, the conditions for 
		behavior block can now be deselected. It is under
		the "Deselect" menu of the PLS Analysis window,
		and in a dialog box of command-line PLS.
	2.	Fixed the display of Datamat Correlations Plot
		for Event Related fMRI.

Version 3.0507111  July 11, 2005
	1.	Added "Single Subject" option when creating MRI 
		datamat. When this option is selected, each onset
		will be treated as an entry of the datamat. So, the
		numbers of onset must be the same across conditions.

Version 3.0507053  July 5, 2005
	1.	Modified call to Matlab command "uigetfile/uiputfile"
		to make the code competible with Matlab version 7 as
		well as Matlab version 5 & 6. This is because Matlab
		version 7 will automatically append filter suffix to
		the file name even we only need a prefix.
	2.	Removed locations for "uigetfile/uiputfile" dialog
		box. This is because Matlab version 7 changed the
		style dramatically, and it is not competible with 
		earlier version any more. This only affect program
		running on Unix or Linux computers, and the dialog
		box on Unix or Linux computer is always located at
		top left cornor now.
	3.	Fixed a bug for MRI task analysis when people using 
		session file with behavior data.
	4.	If "Save Datamats" is checked when run MRI analysis,
		the st_datamat variable is now saved in group cell.

Version 3.0507042  July 4, 2005
	1.	Changed file name for multiple voxel extraction.
		Since the stacked voxel data file now use the same
		prefix as you entered, it won't get overwritten.
	2.	Updated "SeedPLS.txt" file.

Version 3.0506301  June 30, 2005
	1.	Added Multiblock PLS analysis feature for all the
		modules of PLSgui and PLScmd.
	2.	Reverse Version 3.0504055, so for Blocked fMRI, 
		"Normalize data with ref. scans" is now set back
		to be selected by default. This is because if we
		unselect this option, the brain scores can not 
		be distinguished between conditions.

Version 3.0506161  June 16, 2005
	1.	Removed old submenu "Export data for behav analysis"
		in the brain score and response window. To perform
		SeedPLS, please always extract data from "Multiple
		voxel extraction" submenu, and follow "SeedPLS.txt"

Version 3.0506141  June 14, 2005
	1.	Modified progress bar, so it potentially could be
		canceled in the middle. (not applied here).
	2.	Modified load_avw, so it speeded up.

Version 3.0506131  June 13, 2005
	1.	Added tooktip for P-Value and Threshold in result

Version 3.0505191  May 19, 2005
	1.	Fixed a bug in creating cluster report for Sagittal
		View Plot and Coronal View Plot.

Version 3.0505161  May 16, 2005
	1.	Fixed a bug in ERP condition merge.

Version 3.0505041  May 4, 2005
	1.	Fixed a bug in reading certain EEG/ERP file.

Version 3.0504281  April 28, 2005
	1.	Progress bar can now be minimized.

Version 3.0504241  April 24, 2005
	1.	Reversed the previous change back, and disabled the 
		display of Talairach unit. This is because that 
		whether or not to display Talairach unit really 
		depends on how the brain image itself was registered.
		If the brain image was registered in Talairach space,
		the voxel is called Talairach voxel. If the image
		was registered in MNI space, the voxel is called
		volume voxel. Only in the situation when the image
		is registered in one space, and wants to be displayed 
		under a different space, the conversion is required.
		Both tal2mni and mni2tal functions are still included
		in PLS package, so people can use them whenever
		there is such needs.
	2.	Modified "Edit Condition" window. Now, if there is a
		valid condition name entered in the condition name
		field, it will be accepted when you click the "Done"
		button, even if the "Add" button was forgot to click.
		In addition, the heading blanks and the tailing
		blanks will be removed from the condition name when
		adding conditions.
	3.	Change label name from "Stim. #1" to "Subj. #1" in
		the response function window for fMRI and ERP.
	4.	By default, "Normalize data with volume mean" will
		not be selected for MRI create datamat window.

Version 3.0504221  April 22, 2005
	1.	When display PET and MRI results, Talairach unit
		can now be displayed and selected besides MNI unit.

Version 3.0504211  April 21, 2005
	1.	Updated FAQ and help file for the multiple-run MRI
		study that do not have all the conditions for every

Version 3.0504153  April 15, 2005
	1.	Axis will not be shown when the click of response
		function is anywhere outside the brain.
	2.	Changed EEG read file name.
	3.	Updated 3V files.

Version 3.0504141  April 14, 2005
	1.	Fixed a display bug for response function when the
		first click is anywhere outside the brain.

Version 3.0504132  April 13, 2005
	1.	Fixed a bug for MRI response function when datamats
		have different coords.

Version 3.0504121  April 12, 2005
	1.	Fixed a bug for 3D background image.

Version 3.0504081  April 8, 2005
	1.	Reduced a loop in ERP display routine to improve the
		display speed.

Version 3.0504055  April 5, 2005
	1.	Change label name from "Normalize data with baseline"
		to "Normalize data with ref. scans" for fMRI datamat
		creating window.
	2.	For Blocked fMRI, "Normalize data with ref. scans" is
		now set to "unselect" by default.

Version 3.0504041  April 4, 2005
	1.	Changed AVW file name and updated 3V files.

Version 3.0503301  March 30, 2005
	1.	Changed label name from "Canonical" to "Temporal".

Version 3.0503291  March 29, 2005
	1.	Modified file menu function, so any window can call it
		easily by providing the window's handle. New features
		like copy to clipboard, print preview etc are also

Version 3.0503171  March 17, 2005
	1.	In order to load results generated using Matlab 7 on 
		earlier versions of Matlab, a special Matlab 7 switch 
		must be included during the saving process. Since such
		a switch is not coded in the package, a small program 
		called 'matlab7to5' is included to covert the .mat files
		generated from Matlab 7 to be loaded on earlier versions
		of Matlab that are above Matlab 5.

Version 3.0503161  March 16, 2005
	1.	For MRI 'Generate Datamat' window, if behavior data is
		modified, user will be prompted to save data. User can
		choose to save the behavior data or not.

Version 3.0503141  March 14, 2005
	1.	Fixed a bug in MRI result saving, when the result path
		contains empty space.

Version 3.0503092  March 9, 2005
	1.	Fixed a bug to display the skewed result data.
	2.	BrainLV threshold for all modules are now initially set
		to: (abs(max_blv) + abs(min_blv)) / 6.
	3.	Modified cardinal plane view, because most people seems
		like the scroll bar in this new positions.

Version 3.0502181  February 18, 2005
	1.	Fixed a bug in the code that is caused by the precision
		of Matlab, and modified other related files.
	2.	Prestim_baseline in ERP session window will follow the
		digitization interval (if available), and make itself
		evenly dividable by digitization interval.

Version 3.0502011  February 1, 2005
	1.	The "percentage of minimum different subject number" 
		dialog box is moved before permutation loop starts.

Version 3.0501311  January 31, 2005
	1.	Fixed a frozen bug in boot_order function.

Version 3.0501181  January 18, 2005
	1.	Original un-resampled order (sequential index of stacked
		datamat) should never be included in perm_order, because
		we only compare permutation result other than the original
	2.	For boot_order, because all analysis have already been 
		included in the accumulation, except "mean-centering",
		the Original un-resampled order (sequential index of 
		stacked datamat) should not be included in the boot_order
		except for "mean-centering".
	3.	Add one more input parameter for "rri_boot_order", so now:
			1) list of number of subjects in groups
			2) number of conditions
			3) number of samples
			4) switch to control whether the boot_order
			   includes an original un-resampled order

Version 3.0501171  January 17, 2005
	1.	Reversed the change made in Version 3.0412081 on December
		8, 2004, because the "rri_boot_samples.m" only return the
		boot samples with specific different subjects. I need to
		modify "rri_boot_order.m" in order to include more other
		different subjects. So, it is correct to have 81 bootstrap
		samples for 5 subjects with 3 minimum different subjects
		in version before December 8, 2004.
	2.	Added a feature to let user choose the "percentage of
		minimum different subject number". By default, bootstrap
		must include at least 50% (i.e. half of the subjects).
		The percentage can go from 30 to 70 percent.
	3.	Input parameters for both "rri_boot_order" and "rri_perm_
		order" are now the same: 1. list of number of subjects in
		groups; 2. number of conditions; 3. number of samples.

Version 3.0501111  January 11, 2005
	1.	Command line PLS program is released. The result is the
		same as the PLSgui, but it is more simplified because we
		restrict the datamat in "subject-in-condition-in-group"
		format. By taking away the fancy result rendering part 
		and complicated subject stacking part (especially for 
		fMRI and Blacked fMRI), the code is much easy to read
		Unused codes are properly removed and the codes are
		detailly commented. It can be used to validate PLSgui
		result, or might be of interest to some other people 
		who may want to port it to other platform.
	2.	Added bootsamp/permsamp to boot_result/perm_result for
		all the modules.

Version 3.0501101  January 10, 2005
	1.	The boot order in the following scenario was incorrect:
		fMRI/BfMRI mean-center/no-rotate with any datamat created
		under "with each run only" option. It has been fixed now.
	2.	Fixed several bugs like posthoc file validating etc.

Version 3.0501061  January 6, 2005
	1.	In fMRI and Blocked fMRI session edit window, the
		Run Information contents are checked when DONE
		button or previous (next) button is clicked.

Version 3.0412081  December 8, 2004
	1.	Using Uril's "rri_boot_samples.m" to generate bootstrap
		order. For 5 subjects with 3 minimum different subjects,
		there will be 60 bootstrap samples, instead of 81.

Version 3.0412061  December 6, 2004
	1.	For "Multiple Voxel Extraction" under "Windows" menu
		of PET, fMRI and Blocked fMRI module, it now reports
		any entry in the voxel location file that is not
		inside the brain region.

Version 3.0411221  November 22, 2004
	1.	When creating datamat for PET, fMRI or Blocked fMRI,
		user is now allowed to consider all voxels as brain
		region, by select "Consider all voxels as brain"
		checkbox bedises the threshold editbox in "Create
		Datamat" window.
	2.	For fMRI and Blocked fMRI, Onsets field and/or Length
		field are checked to make sure they are not empty or
		not match when "Done" button is clicked in "Run Info"

Version 3.0411191  November 19, 2004
	1.	Fixed a bug of saving displayed image into another

Version 3.0411051  November 5, 2004
	1.	Fixed a bug in Blocked fMRI BootStrapdisplay.

Version 3.0411041  November 4, 2004
	1.	Modified "Contrast" edit window and "Non-Rotated Task
		PLS" routine for all modules. So, it can take different
		contrast for different groups now. That means, if you
		have 2 groups and 3 conditions, you need to put 6 rows
		in the contrast data. First 3 rows belong to Group 1, 
		and next 3 rows belong to Group 2.

Version 3.0410292  October 29, 2004
	1.	Added a new feature to allow user to use Analyze images
		in any orientation for PET, E.R.fMRI and Blocked fMRI.
		In "Create Datamat" window, a new button named "Check
		image orientation" is added beside the "Create" button.
		Once you click this button, the 3-View of one of the
		subject images will be displayed in the "Change Image
		Orientation" window, and you can re-orient it by click 
		the "Re-orient" button. Once you click the "Re-orient" 
		button, it will ask you to input the orientation of the 
		CURRENT DISPLAYED image. If you did not get the correct 
		orientation, you can do as many times as you want to 
		make it standard Analyze orientation, i.e. from Left to 
		Right in X orientation, from Back to Front in Y, and 
		from Bottom to Top in Z. If you closed the "Change Image
		Orientation" window, you can re-open it by click the
		"Check image orientation" button in "Create Datamat"
		window again.

		For people that already generated the result file in
		wrong orientation but did not correct it during creating
		datamat, we provided axial view of "Convert Orientation"
		(under "Image Rotation" menu in the result window) only
		for PET and Blocked fMRI. However, we do not recommend
		people to use this limited patch. Instead, we recommend
		people to use the feature in "Create Datamat" window to
		correct the orientation during creating datamat.

Version 3.0410201  October 20, 2004
	1.	Removed (uV) sign from the legend axis for ERP Electrode
		Salience window.

Version 3.0410151  October 15, 2004
	1.	Modified the save of session file and datamat file. It
		now prevents users from saving to a filename other than
		_PETsession.mat, _BfMRIsession.mat, _BfMRIdatamat.mat,
		_PETdatamat.mat, _fMRIsession.mat, _fMRIdatamat.mat,
		_ERPsession.mat, _ERPdatamat.mat.
	2.	Since we only read .mat from the current directory,
		which can be changed through "Change Current Working
		Directory" item under "Tools" menu in the first PLS 
		window, there is no need for another "PLS Working 
		Directory" in the session window. Now, this field has
		been removed from all modules, and the path is 
		automatically set to the current directory.

Version 3.0410061  October 6, 2004
	1.	Fixed data path bug.

Version 3.0409301  September 30, 2004
	1.	Added following features for session windows. However,
		please keep in mind that you are NOT required to modify
		paths session files after you moved data from one
		location to the other, unless you would like to modify
		the contents of the session file. This is because that
		"Run Analysis" and "Show results" only read file from
		the current directory.
	2.	Added a feature in the Session windows to let users
		change old data (image, EEG etc.) path to new data
		path, as well as the change of new session path for 
		*session.mat file. When users click "Change Data Paths"
		under "Edit" menu, the "Change Path" window will pop
		up, and users can change both session path and data
		path. Please see the detail and the restrictions in
		FAQ.txt file.
	3.	The program will also do a preliminary scan for the
		first run (or subject for PET & ERP) sub-folder. If 
		the path is invalid, it will diplay a message at the 
		bottom of the session window, and prompt users to go 
		to "Edit" and "Change Data Paths" menu.
	4.	"Change PLS Path" button in the first PLS window is
		removed, because this program will only look current
		directory for "*datamat.mat", and "*result.mat" when 
		users run analysis and show Results.
	5.	Default value of "Number of charactors for subject 
		initial" in "Edit Subject" window for ERP and PET is 
		set to -1. This way, the consistency of subject file
		name convention will not be checked in the Subject
		Detail window (when clicking Add or Edit). If this
		number is not -1, please check Help and the FAQ.txt
		for details regarding to the consistency. In addition,
		this value is now saved to the session profile, so
		it will be remembered when the session profile is
		loaded next time.
	6.	Fixed several bugs.

Version 3.0409152  September 15, 2004
	1.	Added "Save Datamat As" feature in ERP "Modify Datamat"
		window. So datamat can be saved into a different name
		with (or even without) any modification. The datamat
		with new name will still point to the same data file.
		We did this because the data file is usually much larger
		than datamat file. This way, several different datamat
		files can point to the same data file (reservoir).
	2.	Added Bootstrap display for ERP correlation window. The
		"BootStrap options" item is also added into its "Tool"
	3.	Substituted "Plot Canonical Scores" with "Plot Canonical
		Correlations" for ERP behavior PLS result.
	4.	Disabled false warning message in result file that does
		not store the timestamp information.
	5.	Removed redundant file pet_bootprocrust.m.
	6.	Fixed a bug in detail window of ERP correlation.
	7.	Fixed a bug that used wrong data path.

Version 3.0408201  August 20, 2004
	1.	In ERP result window, "Spatiotemporal Correlations" is
		added under "View" menu.
	2.	In ERP result window, wave selection box like "All Cond",
		"All Subj" etc is added in "Display Options" window of
		"Subject Amplitude" view, "Average Amplitude" view, and 
		"Spatiotemporal Correlations" view.
	3.	"Deselect" option is added in ERP "Run PLS Analysis"
	4.	In "Edit Behavior Data" window, "remove selected behavior
		name" option, and "Save current behavior data" option has
		been added.
	5.	Timestamp information is imbeded inside the result files.
		The program will automatically check for the timestamp 
		integrity for datamat file (and also session file if MRI),
		and will prompt with a pop-up window if necessary.
	6.	Fixed several bugs.

Version 3.0407291  July 29, 2004
	1.	Fixed an axes limit problem for behavPLS in correlation
		overview window.

Version 3.0407283  July 28, 2004
	1.	Also check the valication of the contrast file after
		click "Run" in the "Run PLS Analysis" window.

Version 3.0407271  July 27, 2004
	1.	For "Non-Rotated Task PLS", non-linear contrasts and
		non-orthogonal contrasts will be accepted, but a 
		warning message will be prompted.
	2.	For "Non-Rotated Task PLS", display all LVs when plot
		singular value or crossblock covarience.

Version 3.0407261  July 26, 2004
	1.	Added "Non-Rotated Task PLS" option to run non-rotated
		version of Task PLS Analysis.
	2.	"Using Helmert Matrix" PLS Option has been completely
		removed from the "Run PLS Analysis" window. Instead, it
		is added under the "File" menu of contrast window.
	3.	When running Bootstrap Analysis, the bootstrap result is
		now checked and replace meaningless data with 0. Thus,
		reduced the display crash when rendering the bootstrap
	4.	Related Documents are modified to represent this new

Version 2.407141  July 14, 2004
	1.	Modified program so it now only requires matlab toolbox.

Version 2.407131  July 13, 2004
	1.	In PLS start window, when the "Show PLS Result"
		or the "Run PLS Analysis" button is clicked, the
		program will assume that all the related matlab 
		files (*.mat) are sitting in the current directory,
		thus, avoid trouble when those matlab files are
		copied between systems. In other words, people do not
		need to use the "Change PLS Path" button any more
		when copy those matlab files between systems. If the
		related matlab files are not sitting in the current
		directory, people can use the "Change Current Working
		Directory" submenu under "Tools" menu in this start 
		window to change the directory containing those matlab
		files as current directory.
	2.	"Save display setting" for result window dialog box 
		will not be prompted out every time when people change
		the display setting and close the result window. Instead,
		program will now read status from "Save display setting"
		submenu under "Tools" menu in the start window to decide
		whether save the display setting for users. In addition,
		when people open start window, program will not prompt
		"Create PLS Profile" message, and by default, status in
		"Save GUI position" submenu under "Tools" menu will be
		set to "Off" at beginning.
	3.	In ERP "Edit Channel Order" window, added number beside
		"Channels:" label and "Selected Channels: " label, and
		implemented multiple remove in "Selected Channels" panel.

Version 2.406181  June 18, 2004
	1.	Fixed a bug in Blocked fMRI RF Plot when prefix of
		datamat is different from that of session file.
	2.	Added a warning window after the datamat saved into
		a different prefix, and the "datamat prefix" in
		session file is updated.

Version 2.406111  June 11, 2004
	1.	When the "Cluster Mask" item under "Report" menu is
		checked, both "Save display" and "save result" under
		"File" menu will save the current masked image. When
		"Cluster Mask" is unchecked, they will save the 
		unmasked image.

Version 2.405101  May 10, 2004
	1.	Add a "Create Figure" sub-menu under 'Window' menu
		in "3 Cardinal Plane View" window.

Version 2.404132  April 13, 2004
	1.	Used standard normal distribution to calculate p-value
		in Cluster Report.
	2.	If any column of behavior data contains the same data
		for each group, program will stop proceed, and prompt
		error message.

Version 2.404081  April 8, 2004
	1.	Added merge conditions option in creating datamat
		window for both PET and ERP modules. (E.R.fMRI and
		Blocked fMRI modules already have the option).
	2.	Prompted file name after save or export a file in
		Cluster Report window.

Version 2.403301  March 30, 2004
	1.	Fixed a cond. labelling bug in PET brain scores plot.

Version 2.403181  March 18, 2004
	1.	Added feature to export canonical scores for ERP

Version 2.403081  March 8, 2004
	1.	Modified fMRI response function, and make average
		plots have own Y scales.

Version 2.403031  March 3, 2004
	1.	Worked around to make program not crash in extreme
		situation when max_blv(bsr) = thresh = 0 or 
		min_blv(bsr) = thresh = 0.

Version 2.403023  March 2, 2004
	1.	Fixed a bug that was introduced in on Jan. 9, which
		can cause PLS result display frozen on some PC.
	2.	In '3 Cardinal Plane view', XYZ & Value are updated
		with the 3 sliders now.

Version 2.402271  February 27, 2004
	1.	Added a feature to display all three cardinal planes
		for the PLS result data. To view all three cardinal 
		planes, click '3 Cardinal Plane View' submenu under
		'Windows' menu.

Version 2.402181  February 18, 2004
	1.	Modified 'fmri_plot_hrf', so it can read session file
		with empty onset data in one or more conditions for a
		single run.

Version 2.402131  February 13, 2004
	1.	Modified 'fmri_plot_hrf', so it can read both old and
		new fMRI session file.

Version 2.402121  February 12, 2004
	1.	Saving result to an IMG file now has two different ways.
		When saving 'BLV (or BSR) result to IMG' file, it only
		saved the BLV data (or BSR) data to an IMG file, and
		does not include colormap or background image. When
		saving 'Current Display to IMG file', it will include
		colormap and background image.

Version 2.402111  February 11, 2004
	1.	Modify Edit Runs, so the MRI session file is consistant
		no matter using text file to input onset data or enter
		onset data manually.

Version 2.402101  February 10, 2004
	1.	Reversed 2 changes made in Version 2.402051 (1 & 2).
		So we still export the whole time series, instead of
		only export the active time lag.
	2.	Cluster Report can be saved in tab-delimited .txt file,
		as well as in matlab .mat file.
	3.	Made XYZ(mm) field editable.

Version 2.402051  February 5, 2004
	1.	Changed the XYZ text box to edit box, so the current
		location can be set from this text box, rather than
		go to 'Set cluster report options' menu. For Event
		Related fMRI, [Lag X Y Z] is used, and for others,
		[X Y Z] is used.
	2.	The data export in response function and Multiple
		Voxel Extraction will now only export the data in the
		corresponding lag number.
	3.	SeedPLS document modified because of above change.

Version 2.402021  February 2, 2004
	1.	Updated MRI datamat creation help file.
	2.	Program can now set current location based on value
		in 'Current location (/ Current lag)' field(s) under
		'Set cluster report options' submenu under 'Report'
		menu. The result is the same as clicking the specific

Version 2.401281  January 28, 2004
	1.	When saving cluster report, if the suffix is not
		entered, program will now automatically add one.
	2.	When loading cluster report, it looks for proper
		suffix now.
	3.	Changed the representation of cluster mask. Instead
		of putting a marker on voxel, now it only displays 
		the clustered voxels.
	4.	All parameters in the create datamat window are now
		stored in a structure named 'create_datamat_info'.

Version 2.401191  January 19, 2004
	1.	Added HRF Plots in MRI Run information window.
	2.	Created help file for this plot.
	3.	Added 'Save Figure' in File menu for several windows.

Version 2.401131  January 13, 2004
	1.	fMRI canonical brain scores can be exported out.

Version 2.401091  January 9, 2004
	1.	In result window, 'Cluster Mask' submenu has been
		added under the Report menu.
	2.	Added instruction into help files.

Version 2.401051  January 5, 2004
	1.	In Cluster Report window, 'Export All Locations' item
		has been added under the File menu.

Version 2.312231  December 23, 2003
	1.	For fMRI Response Functions Plot and Canonical Scores
		Plot, the Average plots is now scaled independently.
	2.	In addition to the HRF correlations, as for task PLS,
		HRF Response Function is now also plotted for Behav
	3.	Modified Seed PLS document 'SeedPLS.txt', and allow 
		user to use 2 different way to input extracted behav

Version 2.312222  December 22, 2003
	1.	Change Pointer to 'Watch' while waiting for data
		exporting from 'Multiple Voxels Extraction'.
	2.	Modified Seed PLS document 'SeedPLS.txt'.

Version 2.312191  December 19, 2003
	1.	Allow ERP Behavior PLS Scores Plot display more than
		48 subjects.
	2.	Added option to threshold the correlations based on 
		bootstrap ratio.
	3.	Added a submenu under Datamat menu in session window
		to input Seed PLS Behavior data and modify Datamat.
	4.	For Multiple Voxels Extraction submenu under Windows
		menu, it now extracts the behavior data with the
		same amount of rows as 'datamat' variable in datamat

Version 2.312162  December 16, 2003
	1.	Added color selection for Crosshair.

Version 2.312151  December 15, 2003
	1.	Added a Point-to-Text button for ERP plotting subject
		amplitude detail. The selected point will be appended 
		into a text file entry after click this button. The 
		file name of the text file will use the same prefix 
		and ended with '_ERPdetail.txt'.

Version 2.312081  December 8, 2003
	1.	Modified MRI datamat generation function, so it will
		not use large memory to hold an onset of data.

Version 2.312041  December 4, 2003
	1.	Fixed a cond. labelling bug in PET brain scores plot.

Version 2.312011  December 1, 2003
	1.	Added Crosshair for brain image plot.

Version 2.311252  November 25, 2003
	1.	Fixed a bug for voxel selection, so the voxel location
		is correct now.

Version 2.311211  November 21, 2003
	1.	Re-Scale HRF & Canonical Plots to make them the same 
		across all conditions & groups.
	2.	Add stable display for HRF, if it is a bootstrap

Version 2.311201  November 20, 2003
	1.	In MRI session window, Merge Condition can now take
		conditions with different numbers of onsets

Version 2.311191  November 19, 2003
	1.	Added a new electrode system for ERP/EGI

Version 2.311113  November 11, 2003
	1.	Make Onset Timing Plot a Gaussian Curve, from Onset
		to Onset plus 16 seconds.
	2.	Add (TR) after 'Event Onset' and 'Block Onset'.

Version 2.311111  November 11, 2003
	1.	Added an Onset Timing Plot menu in MRI Edit Runs
		window to display onset timing for all conditions.
	2.	In ERP Create/Modify Datamat window, Analysis
		Start/End Time now accept numbers that can not be
		evenly divided by Digital Interval and then round
		to the closest number that can be divided by
		Digital Interval.
	3.	Move Zoom menu of ERP Plot window to the right of
		Edit menu.

Version 2.310301  October 30, 2003
	1.	Allow user to apply STD on their MRI data, and
		hopefully this could remove some spikes noise
		from the brain region. To do this, the MRI datamat
		must be created first, and then choose 'Apply STD
		to Datamat' from 'Datamat' menu in Session Profile

Version 2.310261  October 26, 2003
	1.	Integrated the MRI convert_task into PLS. So instead
		of prompting re-run MRI task analysis, it will prompt
		and ask for the new result file name.
	2.	removed the convert_task M file.

Version 2.310242  October 24, 2003
	1.	Instead of re-run MRI task analysis, you can now
		type: convert_task(oldfile, newfile);  to convert
		your old fMRI/BfMRI task analysis result file to
		the readable new result file.

Version 2.310241  October 24, 2003
	1.	Session Profile list file can not be save and load
		in MRI Select Session Profiles window.
	2.	Corrected MRI Brain Scores Plot. However, all the
		Task fMRI/BfMRI analysis must be re-run to include
		the correct Brain Scores row index information.
	3.	Fixed bug that not saving st_datamat.

Version 2.310231  October 23, 2003
	1.	Added new feature to display the subject ID by click
		the marks for MRI brainscores x designscores plot.

Version 2.310153  October 15, 2003
	1.	Added export for Correlation RF.
	2.	For Datamat Correlation Plot, now it can load / save
		background image, and save Datamat Correlation image.

Version 2.310142  October 14, 2003
	1.	Fixed a bug in fMRI Canonical Brain Correlations plot.
	2.	Asking PLS result filename before analysis begin.

Version 2.310101  October 10, 2003
	1.	Save fields value after display the result file.
	2.	XYZ(mm) in the window will be updated after changing
		Origin in 'Set Cluster Report Option'.

Version 2.310081  October 8, 2003
	1.	Plot Canonical Brain Correlations for Behavioral fMRI
		PLS result.

Version 2.310011  October 1, 2003
	1.	Fixed bug in reading ERP header.

Version 2.309301  September 30, 2003
	1.	Fixed color of minimum value for BLV / BSR display.

Version 2.309291  September 29, 2003
	1.	Save background image while saving BLV or BSR to IMG.
	2.	Save MaxValue/MinValue of IMG into glmax/glmin field
		for image header with float type.

Version 2.309231  September 23, 2003
	1.	Changed ERP header reading function to let it be able to
		read different headers.
	2.	Modified Change Path function to fix bugs that occurred 
		during reading PC data on Linux machine, and vice versa.
	3.	Added new feature to view Sagittal and Coronal view, as
		well as Axial view for PET and MRI.

Version 2.309171  September 17, 2003
	1.	Modified legend item in Sigular Values Plot Window, so
		that only meaningful components are displayed as legend
		item now. The meaningful components are defined such that
		its Percent Crossblock Covarience is no less than 1%.

Version 2.309161  September 16, 2003
	1.	Added new feature for ERP to be able to read subject data
		both with header or without header.

Version 2.309081  September 8, 2003
	1.	Added 'Subject Amplitude' in 'View' menu to view group
		subject amplitude.
	2.	Added 'Zoom' menu in 'Plot Detail' window, and displayed
		XY value when click anywhere inside any plot.

Version 2.309021  September 2, 2003
	1.	Fixed a bug in creating new ERP session file.

Version 2.308271  August 27, 2003
	1.	Fixed a bug that cause crash when modify behavior data 
		during analysis but there is no behavior data in the
		datamat file.

Version 2.308251  August 25, 2003
	1.	Added Canonical scores plot for ERP data.

Version 2.308181  August 18, 2003
	1.	Added a new check box when creating E.R.fMRI or Blocked
		fMRI datamat, so user can have option to uncheck
		'Normalize data with baseline signal'.
	2.	Added electrode system choosing option in Edit Channel
		Order window in ERP session profile, so user can use ERP
		module to analyze other electrode system, like MEG etc.

Version 2.308122  August 12, 2003
	1.	Fixed bug in plotting old result file.

Version 2.308011  August 1, 2003
	1.	Fixed a bug to write PET Brain LV to img.
	2.	Add new feature to let user deselect some conditions and
		modify (or load new) behavior data right before running
		the analysis.
	3.	Added new feature to PET to read mask from another image
		file, and select whether or not to normalize the datamat.

Version 2.307142  July 14, 2003
	1.	Fixed a bug for group fMRI bootstrap test, which stops
		in the middle.
	2.	After datamat created, now the fMRI session profile window
		still leave open.

Version 2.307103  July 11, 2003
	1.	Fixed a bug when save for fMRIdatamat, which sometimes
		cause frozen.
	2.	Added a warning message about not manually changing file

Version 2.307091  July 9, 2003
	1.	Fixed a bug in fMRI/Block fMRI bootstrap, which sometimes
		cause frozen.

Version 2.307021  July 2, 2003
	1.	Modified Edit Run for fMRI and Blocked fMRI module, so 
		the command after @ entered in the Edit Onset field will
		be case sensitive.

Version 2.306301  June 30, 2003
	1.	Modified Multiple Voxel Extraction for fMRI module. Now
		it includes all the time series, instead of average.

Version 2.306271  June 27, 2003
	1.	Fixed Datamat Correlation Plot Current Value update

Version 2.306261  June 26, 2003
	1.	Separate Datamat Correlation Plot for different behavior
	2.	Fixed color bar divided by 0 problem.
	3.	Stop running observation test for bootstrap if bootstrap
		can not run.

Version 2.306252  June 25, 2003
	1.	When subjects are no more than 8, we get bootstrap order
		randomly from a pool that contains only the legitimate
		bootstrap orders.
	2.	Modified Plot Detail window for ERP plot, and it now has
		a 10% margin for bootstrap ratio plot.

Version 2.306231  June 23, 2003
	1.	Fixed a bug in Plot Detail window for ERP plot, and now
		the Plot Detail window represents the correct grand
		average for ERP plot.

Version 2.306201  June 20, 2003
	1.	Modified fMRI 'Export Peak Location' for cluster report
		window, and keep the duplicated voxel in the exported
		text file.

Version 2.306161  June 16, 2003
	1.	Modified PET result display:
		A. added color bar;
		B. took away the default background image, and saved it
		   into 'pet_template.img (.hdr)'. So, you need to click
		   File menu and choose 'Load Background Image', if you
		   still need to display this background image.

Version 2.306121  June 12, 2003
	1.	Fixed "Change PLS Path" for "Select more files".
	2.	Added "Export Peak Location" choice for Cluster Report
		window. This choice will export the peak location XYZ
		to a text file.
	3.	Added "Multiple Voxels Extraction" menu. This choice will
		ask for a location text file, e.g. the one you exported
		from Cluster Report window, and will generate text files
		contain all the voxels listed in the location text file.

Version 2.306111  June 11, 2003
	1.	Modified Average ERP Amplitude Plot, and display average
		conditions for each groups.
	2.	Fixed crash problem when trying to remove an averaged
		condition from "Display Condition Average" in Average ERP
		Amplitude Plot
	3.	Fixed "Change PLS Path" for *ERPdatamat.

Version 2.306101  June 10, 2003

	1.	Modified Display Option in ERP Amplitude Plot. So users
		can now select "All subject in condition X" and "All
		condition in subject X".

Version 2.305282  May 28, 2003

	1.	Modified Change PLS Path module. So users can search old
		path by clicking 'Search' button.
	2.	Added "Change Current Working Directory" under "Tools"
		menu of the very first window.

Version 2.305273  May 27, 2003

	1.	Fixed voxel intensity display problem.
	2.	Modified Change PLS Path module. So users can enter any
		'Old Path' they ever used, and change that old path to
		the corresponded 'New Path'.

Version 2.305261  May 26, 2003

	1.	Updated FAQ.txt file.
	2.	Added 'Export data for behav analysis' for PET and fMRI.
		So the exported text file can be directly read into the
		program as behavior measure during Seed PLS.

Version 2.305233  May 23, 2003

	1.	Added "What's new" into "Help" menu. It updates log
	2.	Modified voxel intensity for PET and Blocked fMRI. So
		they are now exporting extracted voxel data.
	3.	Fixed a bug in ERP module, which caused "Plot Scalp 
		Scores" display crash when deselect any behavior 
	4.	Added "Save Background Image" for PET and fMRI.
	5.	Added "Voxel Intensity Display" for Blocked fMRI.
	6.	Added "Correlation Overview" for all module to display
		all groups.
	7.	Fixed a bug in fMRI module, which caused "Design Scores"
		display crash when results were from group analysis.

Version 2         May 21, 2003

	*	First beta-release is officially announced. :)
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