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coords vector in PETsessiondata files
Posted on 11/26/21 20:58:50
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I would like to read the intensity of specific voxels ( specified by X, Y  and Z, in mm or absolute) from the PLS data file. I need to know how to convert the coords value to X, Y, Z. For example, from Command Window:

coords                    1x171129             1369032  double

>> origin

origin =

    46    64    37

coords (1:10)

ans =

      123625      124248      124340      124341      124431      124432      124454      133175      133176      133177

What are the X, Y, Z for these values?


Thank you



Untitled Post
Posted on 11/27/21 00:20:48
Number of posts: 16
R_Roberts replies:

You can use the function rri_coord2xyz.m and will need the dimensions, origin and voxel size. 




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Posted on 11/28/21 13:51:46
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Thank you very much!


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